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Opinion of Iraqi Arab Citizens About the Kurdistan Region and its Government

2023-09-10 18:09:15

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Opinion of Iraqi Arab Citizens About the Kurdistan Region and its Government

Relations between Baghdad and Erbil on the issues of public budget, salaries, and oil have constantly seen ups and downs. What effects have these ongoing political conflicts and challenges had on the people from both regions?
To gain insights into the perspectives of Iraqi Arab citizens concerning topics such as oil, corruption, independence, and interregional relations, Draw Media Organization's Survey Department conducted a comprehensive survey. A total of 910 Arab citizens from 15 different provinces in Iraq participated in this survey, which was overseen by Assistant Professor Dr Niaz Najmalddin, a faculty member at University of Sulaimani. The survey was conducted between August 24th and September 4th, 2023, using an electronic platform.
Here are the key findings from the survey:
•    Almost 46% of respondents believe that it is the responsibility of the Iraqi government to provide salaries for employees of the Kurdistan Regional Government.
•    About 81% of participants hold the view that the Kurdistan Region does not possess the right to extract and sell oil.
•    The majority of participants, precisely 56%, hold the view that there is a significant degree of corruption within both the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government. This perspective suggests that, from the standpoint of Iraqi Arab citizens, both governments are perceived as being tainted by corruption.
•    A significant majority, amounting to 61%, believe that the Kurdistan Regional Government has been more successful in delivering services to its citizens compared to the Iraqi government.
•    Only a smaller proportion, 19%, consider the idea of the Kurdistan Region pursuing secession as normal. In contrast, almost 38% of respondents favor the dissolution of the Kurdistan Region.
•    Regarding the transfer of the Kurdistan Region's governance model to Iraq, which has been stress on by some officials several times, 45% are in favor, while 55% are opposed to it.
•    Additionally, a segment of the survey focused on the perspective of Arab respondents regarding tourism in the Kurdistan Region. Nearly 47% of those surveyed indicated a keen interest in visiting Sulaimani, while 33% expressed a desire to explore Erbil province.
•    Also, 44% of respondents express a desire to live in the Kurdistan Region.
•    Finally, a notable 57% of those who have visited the region express dissatisfaction with the checkpoints and security procedures in place.


Opinion of Iraqi Arab Citizens About the Kurdistan Region and its Government


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