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Draw Media is an independent private media, consisting of five different sections, including, Debate, statistics and survey, Advertisement, Election Consultant, and Draw website. This organization is an attempt to develop a new model of independent media style.




Mohammed Raoof Abdulazeez

Editorial Staff:

Fazil H. Rafat

Namiq Rasul

English Website:

Neaz N. Mustafa



Objectives of the organization   

_ The embodiment of a new model of private, independent, and free media style.

_ Developing the principles of democracy in order to promote subjective, independent, and professional journalism, for the sake of creating a rational discourse to embody peace and coexistence of religious, political, and social life.   

_ Monitoring the political process and governing as a fundamental duty of media.  



Sulaymaniyah – Salim Street

Salim Mall - Second Floor - Apartment A3


Contact us:

 E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: 07729753838


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