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KDP confirms participation in upcoming regional election

2024-06-09 12:38:39

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has informed Iraq’s electoral commission of its willingness to participate in the upcoming Kurdistan parliamentary elections.

“The Kurdistan Democratic Party has sent us a letter saying ‘we will participate in the elections,’” said Jumana al-Ghalai, spokesperson of Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC).

The Kurdistan Region elections were initially scheduled for two years, but the process has been delayed several times since. The polls were last set for June 10, but the Iraqi electoral body announced that it would not be able to supervise the process on that date, suggesting they be held on September 5 instead. A new date for the elections has yet to be announced.

On March 18, the KDP announced a boycott of the Kurdistan Regional Parliament elections and threatened to withdraw from the political process in Iraq if the "State Administration" coalition failed to adhere to the agreements made among its members.

On Thursday, IHEC announced it had reopened the door for political parties to register for the vote, allowing the KDP, as well most Christian and Turkmen parties who had also boycotted the vote, to register for the elections.


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